Yokohama Original ‘Sanmma’ Noodles (4 portions)

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‘Toromi’ Soy Sauce Soup with delicious oyster sauce fragrance’.
This cup noodle is highly recommended by ‘Kanagawa Sanma Noodle Association’, and is a must order if you love the Sanma Fish.
Contains beansprouts and carrots


A portion contains 4 Meals

Raw Materials: 

Noodles (flour, salt, soy dietary fiber), oysters (sprouts, carrots, leek, jellyfish, seasoned bamboo shoots, salt), soups (salt, sugar, animal fat, soy sauce, vegetable fat, starch, oyster sauce, pork extract) , Spices, onion powder, protein hydrolysates) / processed starch, seasonings (amino acids, etc.), thickening polysaccharides, fragrances, sweet potatoes, caramel pigments, trehalose, alcohol, acidulants, antioxidants (vitamin E, vitamins) C), calcium lactate, gardenia pigment, sweetener (sucralose), (partially contains milk ingredients, wheat, sesame, soy, chicken, pork, gelatin) Final production is performed in Japan.
We use only raw materials whose safety has been confirmed.

Allergen information

This product manufacturing plant manufactures products containing buckwheat.

Nutritional Facts (per serving)

energy 309kcal Protein 8.8g Lipid 4.9g
carbohydrate 57.4g

Salt equivalent 7.4 g (2.8 g of noodles / Kayaku / 4.6 g of soup) Estimated value