Shizuoka Yaizu ‘Katsuo’ Ramen (4 portions)

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Traditional Ramen sources straight from Yaizu in Shizuoka Prefecture.
This particular cup noodle contains soup, oil and toppings which is made using Bonito sourced from the region. The delicious pork and seafood broth with hint of soy sauce comes with medium thin noodles which is sure to give you an ‘Umami-full experience.

A portion contains 4 Meals

Raw Materials:

Noodles (flour, salt, soy dietary fiber), soups (animal fats and oils, pork extract, salt, soy sauce, sugar, edible flavor oil, seafood powder, protein hydrolysate, seafood extract, chicken extract, yeast extract, spices), Kayak (flavored pork, bonito, green onion, menma) / seasonings (amino acids, etc.), spirits, caramel pigment, sweet potato, antioxidant (vitamin E), gardenia pigment, thickener (guar gum), spice extract, (Including wheat, mackerel, soy, chicken, and pork)

Final production is performed in Japan.
We use only raw materials whose safety has been confirmed.

Allergen Information

​This product manufacturing plant manufactures products containing buckwheat.

Nutritional Facts (per serving)

energy 364kcal Protein 11.5g Lipid 11.8g
carbohydrate 53.0g

7.4 g of salt equivalent (2.5 g of noodles and syrup / 4.9 g of soup)