Saitama Tofu Ramen (4 portions)

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This masterpiece has been made possible with the help of ‘Otemon Restaurant’ from Saitama.
Plenty of tofu with sesame based soup and sesame oil make it a masterpiece.

A portion contains 4 Meals

Raw Materials:

Noodles (flour, salt, soy fiber), soups (soy sauce, salt, vegetable oils, sugars, spices, protein hydrolysates, chicken extract, pork extract, onion powder), oysters (tofu, seasoned meat soboro, Green onions), processed starch, seasonings (amino acids, etc.), thickeners (thickened polysaccharides, processed starch), spirits, cinnamon, caramel pigments, flavors, trehalose, antioxidants (vitamin E, rosemary extract), Fine silicon dioxide, spice extract, gardenia pigment, (including some eggs and sesame as raw materials)

Final production is performed in Japan.
We use only raw materials whose safety has been confirmed.

Allergen Information

This product manufacturing plant manufactures products containing buckwheat.

Nutritional Facts (per serving)

energy 330kcal Protein 10.9g Lipid 6.1g
carbohydrate 57.9g sodium 3.1 g (0.1 g of noodles and oysters / 3.0 g of soup)

7.9 g of salt equivalent (0.3 g of noodles and oysters / 7.6 g of soup)