Nagasaki ‘Champon’ Cup Noodle (4 portions)

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This signature noodle from Nagasaki contains 6 different colourful toppings and spicy black pepper that go exquisitely well with mellow soup and thick chunky noodles.

A portion contains 4 Meals

Raw Materials:

Noodles (flour, salt, soy fiber), soups (salt, animal fats, pork extract, dextrin, sugars, processed oils, vegetable oils, squid powder, spices, soy sauce, seasoning oil, onion powder, cabbage powder, boiled powder) ), Oysters (cabbage, squid, kamaboko, corn, shrimp dumplings, jellyfish) / processed starch, seasonings (amino acids, etc.), emulsifiers, fragrances, thickeners (guar gum), caramel pigments, sweet potatoes, antioxidants (vitamin E), leavening agent, gardenia pigment, capsicum pigment, red yeast rice pigment, spice extract, (including egg, milk component, wheat, shrimp, squid, sesame, soybean, chicken, pork)

Final production is performed in Japan.
We use only raw materials whose safety has been confirmed.

Allergen Information

This product manufacturing plant manufactures products containing buckwheat.


Nutritional Facts (per serving)

energy 381kcal Protein 9.7g Lipid 7.4g
carbohydrate 68.8g

6.9 g of salt equivalent (1.9 g of noodles and syrup / 5.0 g of soup)