Kyoto Legendary Soy Flavour Ramen (4 portions)

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This ramen is one of the recommended product under ‘Kyoto’s iitoko map’ and is known for its soy broth infused with rich hot spices.
The flavour of green onion matches exquisitely, creating an unforgettable Ramen experience.

A portion contains 4 Meals

Raw Materials:

Soup (animal oil, fat, soy sauce, pork extract, salt, sugar, garlic paste, yeast extract, spices), noodles (flour, salt, soy fiber), oysters (flavored pork, green onion, menma), processed starch, seasoning Ingredients (amino acids, etc.), thickeners (processed starch, xanthan), spirits, caramel pigments, sweet potatoes, sweeteners (sorbitol), antioxidants (vitamin E), gardenia pigments, , Chicken and gelatin)

Final production is performed in Japan.
We use only raw materials whose safety has been confirmed.

Allergen Information

This product manufacturing plant manufactures products containing buckwheat.

Nutritional Facts (per serving)

energy 444kcal Protein 11.7g Lipid 18.3g
carbohydrate 58.1g sodium 3.1 g (0.4 g of noodles / Kayak / 2.7 g of soup)

7.9 g of salt equivalent (1.0 g of noodles and oysters / 6.9 g of soup)