How do I cancel my order?
 To request a cancellation, please log into your account and visit “Order Status”.If your order has not been shipped yet then please contact us immediately. If your order is qualified for cancellation then we will stop shipping procedure. Once your order is prepared for shipment then you won’t be able to cancel your order.
 Is it possible to return or exchange an item?
 Due to our sales policy, we can’t accept returns or exchange requests. Before purchasing, please note that all sales are final. However, if items are defective or damaged upon arrival, please contact us immediately.
 My parcel didn’t arrive within the estimated time. Can I get refund for shipping?
 All shipping estimates are provided in accordance with Japan Post and, in most cases, shipping is shorter than the estimates. However, neither Japan Post nor Kiwami Box can guarantee that international parcels will definitely arrive in the destination country within the estimated time.The estimated delivery time means the fastest possible delivery time indicated by Japan Post in the case of no delay by the customs or local post office in the destination country. Please note that the delivery time depends largely on the speed of processing by the customs in your country and the speed of delivery by your local post office. 
 I have received the item I ordered and I don’t like it. Can I return it and get a refund?
 A refund will not be made in the case of a personal preference (e.g. “I don’t like the taste”, “I don’t like the look and feel or colour of this product”). Our refund policy stipulates that a refund will be made only when a product is damaged or defected upon arrival. The customer needs to notify us immediately of the package arrival and provide pictures or a video of the damaged product.
 My parcel cannot be released from customs. Can I get a refund?
 Our refund policy stipulates that a refund will be considered only when a product is damaged or defect upon arrival. In a case of a parcel being seized, or rejected entry and returned to Japan, by your country Customs Office, we are unable to provide a refund.